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Sustainable Attitude is an internal program of aLBriggs and aQuamec that encourages collaboration with the preservation of natural resources, taking real practical actions of conscious consumption, such as the reduction of impressions, use of disposables and consumption of energy and water.



aLBriggs and aQuamec have sustainability as one of their guidelines, with solid engagement in socio-environmental actions. Internally, the companies maintain the Sustainable Attitude Program, which encourages collaboration with the preservation of natural resources, taking real practical actions of conscious consumption, such as the reduction of impressions and use of disposables, the reduction of consumption of energy and water. Between 2017 and 2019, for example, the reduction in impressions is already over 25%.


In addition, at the factory in Itu (SP), companies take actions to reduce waste disposal, such as selective collection and recycling and reuse of pallets and packaging. The companies still focus on developing and promoting solutions that enhance their customers’ energy efficiency.


Regarding external actions, aLBriggs and aQuamec recently supported initiatives such as the Ãnimã Basketball Cup, TUCCA and McDia Feliz, Porto Escola Project, Waterlution and automotive actions.

Supported for the second time, the Ãnimã Basketball Cup aims to include young people with deficiencies in the sport, respecting each one within their ability and talent. Another performance in the sport is the sponsorship of the driver Thiago Marques, Endurance Brazil’s competitor and creator of the Sprint Race competition, also sponsored by the companies.


For another year, aLBriggs and aQuamec also supported McDia Feliz, the country’s largest campaign for children and adolescents with cancer. To support this cause, both companies have supported TUCCA (Cancer Children and Adolescent Association) since 2011.


In partnership with APPA (Administration of the Ports of Paranaguá and Antonina), the Porto Escola Project “Education for Sustainability” was also a supported project. Even, knowledge-driven actions are a priority for aLBriggs and aQuamec. Another example of this is the companies’ collaboration with Waterlution, a Canadian organization aimed at training young leaders in the water sector.


Some companies around the world have experience and materials that can help effectively and practically solve the problem of large amounts of ocean waste that have a very negative impact on the marine ecosystem.

Among them are aLBriggs, aQuamec and Lamor, who are committed to protect the environment by participating in the War on Plastics Project, which aims to collect all the waste floating in the sea using efficient solutions such as high technology collectors.




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