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aQuamec has expertise in providing integrated solutions for water and sewage treatment systems

With the development of customized projects in new or existing facilities, aQuamec also stands out due to its wide experience gained through a variety of systems supplied to important clients, the flexibility of its solutions and thorough post-sales service.

For the treatment of water and sewage, aQuamec features from conventional systems to advanced technologies. Among the solutions offered, some highlights are:

  • Physicochemical treatment systems for processing water

  • Pre-oxidation with peracetic acid to remove microorganisms and organic matter generating trihalomethanes (THMs)

  • Dissolved air floatation

  • MBR system with microfiltration or ultrafiltration membranes

  • Demineralization systems for ion exchange or reverse osmosis

  • Ultraviolet disinfection systems

  • Ozonation Systems

  • Sludge dehydration

  • Metering chemicals

  • Flocculation, sedimentation and filtration

  • Biofilters

  • Activated sludge

  • Conventional biological processes and biofilm (MBBR)

  • Oil/water separation

  • Physicochemical tertiary treatment or with nanofiltration membranes, reverse osmosis or ultrafiltration

  • Odors and H2S Removal with peracetic acid

  • Sludge inerting systems

  • Reuse

aQuamec’s complete water and sewage treatment systems are available in the following categories:

  • Turn-key or EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) - aQuamec implements the project and client operates the system.

  • BOT (Build, O perate, Transfer) - aQuamec finances and builds the project, contractor does not make an initial investment. In this category, aQuamec operates the treatment system without risk for the client and, at the end of contract term, the system is handed over to the client at zero cost.

  • BOO (Build, Own, Operate) - aQuamec finances and builds the project without initial investment by the contractor. In this category, aQuamec builds and operates the water or wastewater treatment system without risk for the client and, at the end of contract term, remains as the owner of the system.

  • O & M ( Operation and Maintenance) - aQuamec takes over the operation of an existing system, ensuring seamless operation and maintenance of equipment so that its performance effectively meets the contractor’s production processes.


Compact water plants

  • Conventional physicochemical or flotation

  • Ceramic or polymeric membrane

  • For production of drinking water from sources contaminated with organic matter and ammonia, with ESOL (electrolyte solution generator) and membranes

  • To produce drinking water from sea water, to be installed on transatlantic ships or locations where saline or brackish water is available

  • Skid or container mounted mobile units on trailers for temporary and remote facilities

  • Operation with solar energy or generator

Compact sewage plants

  • Anaerobic or conventional aerobic biological treatment

  • Modular MBR system

  • Combined solutions




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